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Everyone walks by faith in some worldview. 

Every government and school is founded on a worldview.

There is no such thing as “Separation of worldview and state”.

True Christianity is the best of all worldviews.

America was founded on a Christian worldview.

Atheistic Materialism is irrational.

Macro-Evolution, the justification for Secularism, is a fraud.

Secular Humanists hate the results of Secularism.

Secularists use the public schools to proselytize their anti-God faith in Man.

There is only one race, the human race

click on any QUESTION for the ANSWER to:

Who began America's Culture War and why?

Is there such a thing as Total Truth?

How can I learn to see the Big Picture?

If God is sovereign and loving, how can He allow all the disease, tragedy and war in today's world? 

How can the human race be rescued?

Did Christ's crucifixion do anything for me? 

My Christian faith often seems so empty.  What am I missing?

What good is "positional truth"?

Is it possible to get free from the sin that holds me?

If everyone lives by some worldview, how can I determine which one I have?

What are the main worldviews today?

Why is Materialism/Secular Humanism America’s Trojan Horse?

What are the main differences between Secular Humanism and Christianity?

Why is it irrational to believe that Materialism/Secular Humanism is true?

What are some of the many false assumptions on which the Doctrine of Evolution based?

What member of the Atomic Energy Commission said "Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men" - and why?

What famous evolutionists believe that evolution is virtually impossible statistically?

What six evolution "elites" debunked Darwinian evolution?

If evolution is true, why do so many scientists say it is not?

What are seven of the many hoaxes used as “proof” by Evolutionists?

How is evolution linked to the slaughter of over 100 million human beings in peacetime?

How is the lie of evolution linked to the Columbine High School tragedy?

How is the lie of evolution causing the decline of our public schools and culture?

Are the Bible Codes tangible evidence for God’s existence?

Are Old Testament Prophecies verifiable evidence for God’s existence?

Why is Atheism becoming increasingly irrelevant?

What are the basic beliefs of the New Age worldview?

What are the main differences between the New Age worldview and Christianity?

Is it true that today's scientific establishment is based on a philosophy, not true science?

If is there is no such thing as "separation of Worldview and state" can public schools be neutral?

Since public schools can't be worldview neutral, which worldview should be taught?  Why?

What are three reasons why even Secularists would detest a secular America?

Which worldview both posits and best protects the belief that "all men are created equal"?

What 2002 Federal Law allows "intelligent Design" to be taught in public schools?

What percentage of Americans were Protestant Christians in 1776?

How many of the fifty-five delegates to the Constitutional Convention were Christians?

Which worldview guided our Founding Fathers?

Was Thomas Jefferson a Christian?

Which Revolutionary War patriot stated, "We recognize no sovereign but God, and no king but Jesus!"?

Why was the Bible often called America’s Textbook?

What is the true agenda of Secularists in America?

Why did the Supreme Court of the United States in 1892 call America a “Christian Nation”?

What did Thomas Jefferson really mean by the phrase "the separation of church and state?"

Why did a Supreme Court Justice state in 1984 that “The 'wall of separation between church and State' is a metaphor based on bad history”?

How did Justice Black's “Seven Decrees” in the 1947 Everson v. Board of Education case sabotage the First Amendment and expunge 150 years of jurisprudence and historic precedent?

Why is it a gross violation of the Constitution for a judge to make laws?

Why did the Sixth Federal Court of Appeals say that the ACLU "does not embody the reasonable person"?

Why is describing all political views as Far Left, Far Right or Moderate outdated?

Is there a more accurate way to describe political viewpoints than the Far Left, Far Right, Moderate model?

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